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ADEX Weekend

It was a whirlwind weekend at ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) 2018.

On Day 2, Ocean Geographic announced the results of the OG Pictures of the Year Awards. This competition has, over the years, been very kind to my work and I’m stoked to score a hattrick this year. Both submissions to the Seascape & People category, and Music & Picture category received Honorable Mentions. ‘Silky Shark Portrait and Setting Sunburst’ won the Valerie Taylor Colour Print Award. I’m thrilled that my image was picked by the legendary shark-expert herself.

On Day 3, the two hour live-judging of ‘Voice of the Ocean Competition (VOO)’ took place. One could be dizzily star-struck by the names on the judging panel. Three of my images were shortlisted in the Sharks category and I was hoping that they would make an impression on the judges. Alas! The images projected on screen were overly saturated with red and I was cringing in my seat. Some judges constructively critiqued the saturation of the images, while others gave the benefit of the doubt that it could be an effect of the projector. It was a nerve-wrecking moment and I wished I had a chance to explain that the colours were true to the sunset in Cuba. Thankfully, the Silky Shark and Sunburst image came through and won the VOO Best of Show Award.

It was a thrilling weekend and I’m grateful for the recognition. I went home last night pumped with adrenaline from the live-judging, but thankfully, I found rest by dreaming of Cuba.

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