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Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Award

I have participated in the Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year competition for 4 years in a row. Although I have been honoured with a placing in the first 3 years, this year's result is one that is particularly special to me.

My journey of underwater photography started in 2011, when I transited from a compact camera to DSLR. I went on a sardine run in South Africa with an entry-level camera, hoping to take some good pictures. It was there that I met Michael Aw. With absolutely no skill or experience, my pictures turned out terrible and if Michael was not there to lend me some advice, the pictures would have been much worse. Since the sardine run, I continued to follow Michael on his expeditions; Bahamas, Cocos, Port Elizabeth, Cuba. Through these six years, Michael has introduced and also expanded my world of underwater photography.

Yesterday, it was announced that I won the Music & Pictures category of the 2017 OG Pictures of the Year Award. This is a brand new category and the award is named in honour of Michael Aw. I am honoured to be the first recipient of this award and proud to be presented by my inspiration and friend.

So thank you Michael and Ocean Geographic, and I would also like to congratulate all the other winners in one of the most exhilarating competitions yet.

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