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Nature's Best Photography Asia

This image of a wobbegong shark resting on a table coral is one of my personal favourites. I’m pleased that the image received recognition by Nature’s Best Photography Asia.

Wobbegong sharks can be found abundantly in Raja Ampat but I find them difficult to photograph. They hide under rocks and corals and although they would stick their beardy faces out, it is hard to tell their face from the coral, moreover to take an appealing photo.

In this image, I found this Wobbegong shark resting openly on top of a perfect table coral girted by a white border. It was a rare find. The shot was simple, I just hovered above the shark and I used a single strobe to create a spotlight effect. The shark was at 35meters and I probably was not supposed to dive that deep. Then again, that’s really the shark’s fault.


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