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Ocean Geographic 2024 Pictures of the Year Award

Absolutely stoked that 2 of my images received a placing in the 2024 Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Award – Winner in Creative Vision category, and Runner-up in Animal Portraits.

The winning image is very meaningful to me. It is an in-camera, double-exposed photo of Lavinia & Mikaela’s silhouette against a fan coral. I first shot the silhouette against the sky, on an afternoon where the clouds were like a wallpaper of fluffy cotton candy. To contrast the texture, I brought the silhouette image underwater and exposed it to a gorgonian coral that was I lid up with my strobes. This is an image of love; of my family and the ocean. I’m honoured and pleased that the judges selected it.

The image of a Dugong ‘vacuum’ feeding on seagrass was shot in Coron, Philippines. Thanks to Pu Wen who is the only person I know crazy enough to do this trip with me. Also thanks to Dugong Dive Centre for having us.


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