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Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year

Today being world ocean day, I would like to share the images from my ‘Silhouette’ series. The black & white image, ‘Layered Thoughts,’ received a placing and became the yearbook cover for UPY earlier this year.

I’m very pleased to learn that a second image received an Honourable Mention in this year’s Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Award. The OGPOTY is very personal to me, being the first major competition I won back in 2013. That award came in the form of a very cool Wyland bronze humpback whale sculpture that still sits proudly on my shelf. It also pretty much started my whole journey of underwater photography.

Actually, I am very proud that images from this Silhouette series have been spotted and identified even when they were anonymous. For me, that is the biggest compliment I can receive and it makes me beam with pride when someone says, “hey, isn’t this image from that same guy who… …”

Yup, that’s the guy (and that gal).

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