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Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year - Photo-Journalist Award 2023

In 2012, I wrote an essay and along with 10 underwater photographs, I submitted to the Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year Competition. The submission was for the Photo-Journalist Award that was inaugural to the competition. I won, and as luck would have it, I also took home the overall Master of Competition Wyland Award.

It was the first submission I have ever made, and the award started the whole journey of sharing my images with a wider audience.

Hence earlier today, I was especially pleased to learn that I have won the OG Photo-Journalist Award 2023. I must thank Chew Hui Min, CCS and Natalie Pang for their editorial input.

Congratulations to all the winner entries. They are absolutely breath-taking. To see these images, go to the link below. If you are in the mood for a weekend read, download my essay by clicking on the image of an ‘oil rig’.


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