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26th Festival International Nature Namur

The Festival International Nature Namur is an annual event that runs for one week at the Citadel of Namur, Belgium. Started in 1995, the festival celebrates the richness of the natural world. For a second year in a row, I am pleased to have an image selected for the photo exhibition, out of 9,000 submissions. Although I could not be there to view the display, the organisers were kind enough to send me pictures of the exhibit.

The selected image is of a Hutia, a giant rodent endemic to Cuba. They are found abundant in the mangroves and were traditionally hunted for food until the Wild Animals Protection Act of 1968 came into place to protect them. Surrounded by salt water in the mangroves, fresh water is a rare resource for the hutias. One way to attract them to get near, was to lure them with a bottle of water. In this photo, I offered some water from my bottle with one hand, while taking this snapshot with my point-and-shoot with another.


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